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Holiday Carolers at Quince

Annual Heartwarming Tradition of Seasonal Songs and Supper

Tuesday, December 20
7 p.m.

Free to Attend

Quince restaurant, located in downtown Evanston, will once again welcome the sounds of song and good tidings. On Tuesday, December 20 at 7 p.m., holiday carolers will continue their heartwarming, annual tradition of visiting Quince during dinner service to spread the spirit of season. Quince invites dining guests to enjoy the complimentary carolers entertainment while taking in the warm atmosphere, crackling fireplace and Chef Andy Motto’s new winter menu (outlined below).

The featured cocktail for December will be the “Candy Cane” martini, a chilly and minty mixture of strawberry vodka, creme de menthe and cranberry juice, garnished with a striped candy cane ($10). Creative cocktails, wine and spirits are always offered in Quince’s main dining room and in the adjacent Q2 Lounge as well.

Dinner reservations are welcome, not required. Please call Quince directly or visit OpenTable.

Quince, New Winter Dinner Menu
Executive Chef Andy Motto


Greens – butter lettuce, liquid parmesan, lavash, herbed buttermilk, tomato 10
Pork Belly – 
Thai flavors, peanut, kafir lime, coconut, chile, herbs, carrot 12
Duck Confit – 
oat meal, apple, pistachio, fig, celery, market greens 13
Soup of the Evening 9
Lobster – 
Yukon gold potato bilini, caviar, herb cake, crab 14


Bass – brussels sprouts, pancetta, black garlic cous cous, curry-caper emulsion 27
Sweet Potato Agnolotti – 
apple, parsley, parsnip, salsify, pecan, smoked cheddar 19
Lamb Duo – 
risotto, pine nut, saffron, olive, heirloom squash, radish 30
Beef – 
bacon, cippolini, potato, horseradish, mushroom, asparagus, garlic, spinach 32
Olive Oil Poached – 
trout, kenebec potato, cucumber, dill, pickles, lemon, quail egg 26
Pork – 
fennel, bubblegum pear, sweet pea, sunchoke, thanksgiving pierogi, quince coulis 28
Duck – 
wild rice, savory crepe, autumn fruit, herb foam 30


Cardamom Chocolate Mousse  flourless chocolate cake, coconut anglaise 8
Jelly Doughnut – raspberry, concord grape, cranberry, chestnut sabayon 8
Maple Panna Cotta – plums, phyllo, balsamic syrup, plum sorbet 8
Lemon Pound Cake – poached Asian pear, crab apple sorbet 8
Ice Cream – lemon balm, basil, mint, lavender-vanilla 3
Sorbets – melon, coconut, chocolate, lemon 3

1625 Hinman AveEvanston, IL 60201

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