“25 Tuesdays” at Benjamin Restaurant

Weekly Dining Deal Offers 25-Percent Discount and $25 Wines

Every Tuesday
Wine and Dine Deal Runs Weekly

Benjamin Restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Highland Park, is now offering a weekly wine and dine deal on Tuesday evenings. “25 Tuesdays” features a 25-percent discount off of their 13 adventuresome small plates, starters and bar snacks (full list below) as well as $25 bottles of wine.

Chef Benjamin Brittsan’s small plates include beef bone marrow, charcuterie plate, pesto gnocci gratin, Mishima Ranch wagyu beef, Cook’s Ranch bison brisket sloppy joe sliders and crab stuffed mushrooms. The featured wines will change weekly, and will encompass both bottles listed on their current wine list and some that are brought in special for the promotion.

Small Plates, Starters & Bar Snacks
25-percent discount to be deducted

Warm Marinated Olives / grilled citrus 6

Beef Bone Marrow / bacon & onion jam/ petite parsley salad/ grilled baguette 8

Vodka & Beer Battered Onion Rings / parmesan/ horseradish cream sauce 7

Pesto Gnocchi Gratin / parmesan/ pecorino romano/ truffle/ pistachio pesto 8

Charcuterie & Cheese / local artisan cheeses/ la quercia meats/ cremenelli salumi/ accoutrements 14

Ahi Tuna Crudo / winter sprout salad/ housemade yuzu/ crispy garlic, ginger & shallot/ EVOO 11

Mishima Ranch Wagyu Beef / hot himalayan salt brick/ sauce trio 15

Grilled Garlic Shrimp Scampi / crispy parmesan polenta/ garlic garlic garlic/ parsley 10

Cook’s Ranch Bison Brisket Sloppy Joe Sliders / goose island root beer glaze/ rustic winter slaw/ apple chips 9

Wild Mushrooms On Toast / grilled ciabatta/ arugula/ parmesan/ smoked blue 8

Sausage & Cheese Toasties / housemade sausage/ velveeta/ baby rye 7

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms / garlic brioche bread crumbs 8

Mini Franks In A Blanket / housemade ketchup/ sauerkraut 7


Benjamin Restaurant
1849 Second Street
Highland Park, IL 60035


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