Oktoberfestival at Franklin Tap

Educational Brew Event and a Week’s Worth of Wurst

Monday, September 26 to Friday, September 30

Wednesday, September 28
Zach Pine leads Sam Adams educational brew event

From Monday, September 26 to Friday, September 30, Franklin Tap will hold an Oktoberfestival. Each day, from 11 a.m.-Midnight (11-2 a.m. on Friday), Tap guests may enjoy a touch of Germany in the heart of the Loop location. Highlighted offerings include $4 Sam Adams Octoberfest, $5 Spaten Oktoberfest, $9 German beer cheese dipserved with pretzel sticks, and $10 German sausage plate (smoked German wurst, bratwurst andknockwurst served with pretzel rolls and spicy mustard).

Sam Adams Educational Event
Delve deep into Sam Adam’s Octoberfest beer with brand representative, Zach Pine. He will lead an informal and educational beer discussion and tasting from 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday, September 28. Free to attend.

Franklin Tap
325 South Franklin
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 212-3262

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