“Flaming Drink Fridays” at Shiraz on the Water

Liquor Lights Up in the Lounge

Every Friday

Set your weekend on fire when you start with one of the new flaming cocktails at Shiraz on the Water. Offered in the stylish lounge area every Friday, these six libations will certainly light up your night. From comforting sweets to south-of-the-border treats, the flaming drinks are available weekly from 5:00pm-10:00pm.

The menu is outlined below.

“Flaming Drinks”

The Flaming Lemon Drop $6
Absolut Citron Vodka, splash of Galliano liqueur, Bacardi 151
A lemon wheel topped with sugar and soaked with Bacardi 151 is ignited – caramelizing the sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Hot Apple Pie $6
Bailey’s Irish Cream, cinnamon schnapps, Bacardi 151
The Bacardi 151 is layered on top and ignited; cinnamon is tossed in, creating a sparking spectacle!

The Mad Scientist $6
Midori Melon Liqueur, sweet and sour, soda water, Bacardi 151
Garnished with a maraschino cherry, this concoction’s green flames will bring out your inner Hyde.

Warm Banana Bread $6
Crème de Banana Liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Bacardi 151
Bananas and cream – what a dream!

S’more $6
Crème de Cocoa Dark, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Bacardi 151
This layered drink is topped with small marshmallows that roast when the 151 is ignited.

¡Adios, Muchachos! $6
Blue Curacao, Tequila, Bacardi 151
This Blue Agave-based drink will have you feeling as though you are south-of-the-border at sundown!

Shiraz on the Water
Hilton Chicago/Indian Lakes Resort
250 W. Schick Road
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
(630) 671-5013


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