Chizakya Presents a New Fall-Winter Dinner Menu

Lakeview’s new izakaya, Chizakaya, has unveiled a new Fall-Winter dinner menu, now available Monday through Saturday from 5:30pm to 12:30am. Chef/owner Harold Jurado and Chef de cuisine Robert Rubba have made seasonal changes to the small plate offerings, which are noted below in bold lettering.

The recently-added selections include Carrot and Burdock Root Salad, Hiramasa, Fluke, Curley Cress, Kabocha Squash Bisque, Oden, Duck Breast, Oysters, Duck Confit Croquette, Beef Heart, Wagyu, Tofu Cheesecake and Black Sesame Ice Cream.

The Japanese pub harmonizes Japanese cuisine with contemporary philosophies and techniques, including the importance of using local, seasonal and sustainable resources. Chizakaya’s “local love” is provided by Dietzler Farm, Gunthorp Farm, Growing Power, Slagel Family Farm, Griggs Family Farm and Becker Lane.

Chizakaya Fall-Winter Menu

Okashi (snacks)
Black edamame, sea salt 5

Oshinko (pickles) 4

Puffed pig ears, togarashi 4

Japanese sweet potato fries, spiced mayo 5

Pork shoulder gyoza 6

Crispy pork, slow poached egg 6

Chawan mushi, radish, dashi 6


Carrot and Burdock Root Salad 5

Hiramasa, bone marrow, garlic, umeboshi 12

Fluke, kabocha squash, pine nuts, brown rice vin. 8

Home-made basket tofu, bonito, scallion, ginger, soy 7

Curley cress, beef liver “sashimi,” sesame vin 6


House ramen, braised pork, slow poached egg, fish ball 12

Kabocha squash bisque, meyer lemon, Japanese curry, blue crab 9

Oden, winter greens, potato, azuki bean 9
with soba noodles 15


Duck breast, persimmon, chestnut, mixed grain congee 14

Crispy chicken thighs, dashi mayo, mustard greens 8

Grilled Ika (squid) togarashi, yuzu vin 11

Hamachi kama, ponzu, daikon, ginger 11

Oyster, bacon, shishito 9

Wild mushrooms, soy, lemon butter 8

Duck confit croquette, apple miso 7

Kushi Yaki (skewers) 3

Chicken gizzards
Chicken meatball
Chicken skins
Shishito peppers, bonito
Hakurei turnips
Beet and shiso
Sweet sausage
Beef cheek
Beef heart
Confit octopus
Wagyu, lime, wasabi 5


Yuzu cake, green tea ice cream 5
Tofu cheese cake, kuro mitsu, azuki bean sorbet 5
Chocolate ganache, puffed barley, black sesame ice cream 6
Taro rice pudding 5

3056 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
coming soon,


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