Guinness “Black List 101”

Beer Class and Tasting Event at Timothy O’Toole’s Pub Chicago

Thursday, September 16

$20 per person

When Guinness compiled the Black List, few realized how much people had been experimenting with Guinness over the years. In fact, there have been mixtures of many different variations for centuries.  The name of many of these drinks varies from one part of the world to another, but the look and flavors have been entertaining beer lovers everywhere since 1759. Some say Guinness makes any beer better when mixed, so this local Irish pub will provide a chance for beer fans to decide for themselves.

Timothy O’Toole’s Pub in Streeterville will hold a beer class that exclusively looks at the Guinness Black List. Participants will sample seven beers (listed below) and nosh on appetizers. In addition, beer students will receive Guinness merchandise and a take-home recipe card that features over 20 different beer combinations to sip at home.

Guinness “Black List” Menu
Snakebite  (Guinness & Cider)
Black & Black (Guinness & dash of Blackberry)
Black Goose (Guinness & Honkers)
Black & Blue (Guninness & Blue Moon)
Midnight (Guinness & a dash of Port)
Black Magic (Guinness & Magic Hat)
Black & Sam (Guinness & Sam Adams Boston Lager)

Please call O’Toole’s to reserve a place in the Black List 101 event. Reservations are recommended, not required.

Timothy O’Toole’s Pub Chicago
622 N. Fairbanks Court
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 642-0700

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