Osteria Via Stato Commemorates La Festa di San Giuseppe

St. Joseph’s Day Celebrated With Complimentary Italian Pastry

Friday, March 19
Offered during regular restaurant hours (5-11 p.m.)
Free with the purchase of an entree

Osteria Via Stato, River North’s seasonal Italian restaurant, will honor La Festa di San Giuseppe, or St. Joseph’s Day, a traditional Italian holiday dedicated to the patron saint of Sicily. St. Joseph is credited with saving Sicily from famine by ending a legendary drought in the Middle Ages. Accordingly, every March 19, Italians across the world sit down to one of their favorite feasts, which showcases an abundance of dishes, including the famous Zeppole di San Giuseppe, a type of doughnut dusted with powdered sugar.

Osteria Via Stato Executive Chef David DiGregorio will serve guests a complimentary homemade Zeppole di San Giuseppe on St. Joseph’s Day, Friday, March 19. Diners who purchase an entree during regular restaurant hours (5-11 p.m.) will receive one free pastry per person.

La Festa di San Giuseppe and Zeppole Tradition
In Sicily, where St. Joseph is regarded by many as their patron saint, as well as in many Italian-American communities, thanks are given to St. Joseph (“San Giuseppe”) for preventing a famine in Sicily during the Middle Ages. According to legend, there was a severe drought at the time, and the people prayed for their patron saint to bring them rain. The rain did come, and the people of Sicily prepared a large banquet for St. Joseph. The fava bean was the crop which saved the population from starvation, and is a traditional part of St. Joseph ‘s Day traditions, as well as the famous Zeppole di San Giuseppe, or St. Joseph’s Cake. These doughnuts or fritters are commonly topped with powdered sugar and may be filled with custard, jelly or honey. -wikipedia  

Osteria Via Stato 
620 North State 
Chicago, Illinois 60654

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