London Calling!


Fridays at Red Kiva Lounge

Every Friday beginning October 9

British fashionistas and bloakes alike will feel right at home at Red Kiva Lounge on Friday nights. Starting at 5:00pm, guests will enjoy European football (soccer) highlights playing on Red Kiva’s “tellys,” as well as Guy Richie movies and famous English films. Former model and UK native Jason Andrews will spin a mix of UK-style Electro and Chicago House music from 9:00pm-2:00am.


Pimm’s Cup $5

Tanqueray and Tonic $5

Harp, Guinness and Bass Pints $4

Featured Flatbread

Curry Pizza $10

Red Kiva, located in Chicago’s West Loop, is sexy, comfortable lounge featuring an extensive selection of sophisticated cocktails, wine, champagne and beers on tap, along with a variety of delicious gourmet flatbread pizzas.  The unique “kiva,” a sunken circular space in the heart of the room, is a cozy area perfect for group gatherings.

DJ Jason Andrews is a London import that has played in virtually every major venue our country has to offer. He now chooses to reside in Chicago where some of the music he specializes in, such as House, was born. When first setting foot in the States Jason began a career in professional modeling – short lived because while modeling, he found inspiration from the industry to produce original tracks and subsequently went on to produce music for live runway shows. His musical perspective of club music is unique, taking the analogue grittiness of his UK style Electro roots and intertwining them seamlessly with Chicago’s renowned House sound. When you hear his minimalist deep house music start to swell, you know the night has only just begun! Feeding off the crowd’s wants, desires, and energy, every night with Jason Andrews is a poetic interplay between artist and listener. –Talent You Should Know, ChicagoInsider

Red Kiva

1108 West Randolph Street

Chicago, IL 60607



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