New “Das Bier Boot” at Clybar and Grille

bier boot

Sip Seasonal Brews in a Unique Glass Boot

Available Daily

These boots are made for drinking… Clybar and Grille’s new glass, German “Das Boot” is available for creative consumption. At a massive 72 ounces, guests are welcome to choose from seasonal beers, listed below, or any of the brews on draft for $36.

October Beer Menu

Sam Adams Octoberfest $5 bottles
Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest $5 bottles
Great Lakes Oktoberfest $6 draughts

The history of the beer boot, named a Bierstiefel in German, varies. Some say that the tradition of  drinking out of a boot dates back to 1400s, in Heidelberg. There, fraternities would duel each other with sabers and afterwards, the two fraternities would get together and drink out of their boots. Others report that the beer boot only dates back about 100 years, and that soldiers would drink out of their boots while on leave, mostly in the beer gardens of Bavaria. According to that tradition, it is said that a Persian general promised his troops that he’d drink beer from his boot after they successfully sacked a particular town. When success was achieved, not wishing to drink out of a stinky leather boot, the general cleverly had a local glass maker fashion a boot out of glass to fulfill his oath.

The “Das Boot” is available for reservations (not required) as the popularity of the boots can, at times, boast a wait. All boots remain at Clybar and Grille.

Clybar and Grille
2417 North Clybourn
Chicago, IL 60614


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